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Dear future colleague,

My name is Nadia Jansen and I am the proud owner and CEO of Group Jansen. Next to my family, my greatest passion in life is my business! I would like to address you personally because this personal approach is at the heart of our company and characterises how we  work. Jansen may be a large professional group but  personal advocacy - our people's passion for their job and projects - is central to everything we do.

Ambition, pride, innovation and care infuse our projects, offices, people and certainly my working day. We can laugh and party together, but our feet are firmly on the ground  #doemaargewoon). We implement projects all over the country and even abroad, but we hope that our friendly Limburg roots are one of the assets that will convince you to join  our team.



Projectleider HVAC-S
Jansen Technics HVAC-S
Maes Industries
Projectleider HVAC
Maes Industries
Sales HVAC
Maes Industries
Maes Industries
Service technieker
Maes Industries
HVAC technieker
Maes Industries
Hulp technieker
Maes Industries
Commercial Invoicing Specialist
Jansen Internal Services
Jansen Cleanrooms
Koeltechnieker HVAC (Voyeur)
Maes Industries
Projectmedewerker (vogelaar)
Building Group Jansen
Projectleider (paaldanser)
Building Group Jansen
Projectmanager (meesteres)
Building Group Jansen
Projectmanager HVAC
Building Group Jansen
Projectleider (paaldanser)
Building Group Jansen
Projectmanager (meesteres)
Building Group Jansen
Calculator (sudoku-junk)
Building Group Jansen
Projectmedewerker (vogelaar)
Building Group Jansen
Werfleider (Early Bird)
Building Group Jansen
Werfarbeider (bierbrouwer)
Building Group Jansen
Schilder (stand-up comedian)
Group Jansen
Jansen Services
Projectleider (Systeemwanden)
Maars Jansen Living Walls
Quotation Analyst HVAC
Jansen Cleanrooms
Projectvoorbereider afwerking
Jansen Cleanrooms
Group Jansen
Projectmedewerker Schrijnwerkerij
Building Group Jansen
Building Group Jansen
Building Group Jansen
High Potential
Group Jansen
QHSE Manager
Jansen Internal Services
Werfleider Afwerking (Systeemwanden)
Maars Jansen Living Walls
Calculator (BIM)
Maars Jansen Living Walls
Projectleider Klimaatplafonds
Spontane sollicitatie
Group Jansen



  • innovative construction company
  • dynamic workplace
  • family working atmosphere
  • major player on the market
  • great opportunities to learn
  • hands-on mentality
  • abundant career opportunities
  • #workhard and #laughinghard
  • your place to be!

"It is important that employees feel happy in their jobs. We are looking for people with passion, enthusiasm and a fascination for the profession. People with a positive attitude. We always have to work hard, but that doesn't mean we can’t enjoy ourselves! The 'fun factor' is very important to us: we work hard, laugh a lot and don’t take ourselves too seriously."

Nadia Jansen
CEO, Group Jansen

"In this company, we grow together in a family atmosphere that encourages everyone to perform well. The greatest challenge in my job is the wide variety of tasks in my job package. Every day is a surprise, and this keeps me alert and enthusiastic."

Danny Jacobs
Project Director, Building Group Jansen



Jansen is looking for enthusiastic people!

By this, we mean driven, positive people who are fascinated by this profession. Above  all, we want people who enjoy going to work because they are passionate about their job and enjoy a challenge. 

Jansen cares. Our projects are handled with the utmost care. We take good care of our colleagues and of ourselves! We are sporting in the broadest sense of the word. 

We want to invest in our people so that they can develop professionally and benefit from great working conditions. This is the only way we can grow as a company. At Jansen, we expect more from you – but we also insist on paying more than the market rate. We have set up an extremely ambitious well-being programme for the next few years and would be happy to tell you more about it during an introductory meeting. This positive drive that we call enthusiasm is the most important aspect for us, regardless of age, certificates, gender, ethnicity or religion.


our #values

  • #strongpeople
  • #growingambitiously
  • #innovativeoutsidethelines
  • #peoplefirst
  • #sportymindset
  • #laughinghard

"We really work together as a team, and the Covid-19 pandemic has only brought us closer together. We try to solve problems together and if a challenge arises, we engage in technical discussions until a joint solution emerges. Working with such a great team gives me energy and I also notice this in our employees who are extremely driven. Our out-of-the-box thinking makes people excel themselves. These are the kinds of things that make for motivated, energised and enthusiastic employees in our dynamic organisation."

Eric Vanhees
COO, Jansen Cleanrooms

"Inside Group Jansen, we care for our employees. How do they feel at work? Where do their strengths and ambitions lie? But also: What are their needs? What do they need help with? Thanks to our conversation culture, we are able to map this out accurately: our managers meet with their employees several times a year to listen, give feedback and help them with their professional development."

Jana Willems
Head of HR, Group Jansen


HQ Zonhoven

Eikenenweg 58 bus 1/2
B-3520 Zonhoven

Office Oudsbergen

Fabriekstraat 2
B-3670 Oudsbergen

Office Mechelen

Battelsesteenweg 455B
B-2800 Mechelen

Office Charleroi

Rue du Petit Piersoulx 1
B-6041 Charleroi

Office Gent

Akkerhage 10
B-9000 Gent

Atelier Westerlo

Ambachtenstraat 5
B-2260 Westerlo

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